Dance Academy News ~ Jan – March

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Hello Dance Academy parents and students!

January and February flew by, and here we are at Spring Break already! Take a look at what we’ve been up to the last couple of months, and what’s to come!



  • Warm-up Assignment and Presentation
  • Elementary School Workshops (Jan – March)
  • Field Trip: Circus Lab


  • Mini-Film Project
  • Field Trip: Yoga Class at Open Space Yoga
  • Final Show Choreography: Small groups Jazz and Lyrical
  • Field Trip: Ballet BC Dress Rehearsal at Queen Elizabeth Theatre


  • Final Show Choreography: Jazz/Lyrical cont’d and Salsa Fusion NEWS AND EVENTS


We started off the New Year with a unit on warm-ups! Dance instructor, Melissa Pribula, first taught students about the importance and elements of a good warm-up. In small groups, dancers then had to create and present their own dance warm-up.


In January, we began preparation for our elementary school visits. Our dance instructors, Jessica Caldera and Melissa Pribula, choreographed a hip-hop routine and taught it to our dancers. We then ran three workshops for grade 7s at local elementary schools: Ladner Elementary, Holly and Jarvis. This was an excellent chance for Dance Academy students to practice their leadership skills and patience! They did a great job, and we finished off with a performance that was enjoyed by all.

In February, we challenged students to create their own mini-film. They were asked to explore movement using the various tools in imovie: reverse, slow-mo, rapid, etc. All students came up with something unique that suited their style, and they were so much fun to watch!


***PLEASE NOTE*** Our final show has been moved to Tuesday, May 28 @ 7pm

We have started some exciting new choreography that will be performed in our final show on Tuesday, May 28! We started with the small group pieces: A Jazz, choreographed by Melissa Pribula, and a Lyrical, by Jessica Caldera. And we are now working on a salsa fusion piece, also by Jessica Caldera, our resident salsa expert! You don’t want to miss this final show!


On February 28, we had the unique opportunity to be in the audience for a Ballet BC dress rehearsal! This was a rehearsal for their Program 2 show at Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The show was absolutely mesmerizing, and the talent of the dancers – incredible!


  • Please remind students to check their marks on student connect. If assignments are missing, students must see me immediately to get them completed.
  • All students should have an online portfolio/website up and running. They are expected to write reflections and post assignments here regularly.


In January, dancers got to experience the circus first hand! Circus Lab offers a workshop on basic circus-type skills. Students were able to practice trapeze, trampoline, aerial silks and partner gymnastics (don’t worry – they were all low to the ground!)


We had a tough few months saying good-bye to many of our international students. Janneke, Luca, Miriam, Margherita and Elisa left in January, and Mika, Kaoru and Bunu left in February. It was such a pleasure to work with all of you, and your presence is truly missed!



In February, we challenged students to create their own mini-film. They were asked to explore movement using the various tools in imovie: reverse, slow-mo, rapid, etc. All students came up with something unique that suited their style, and they were so much fun to watch!


April            (April 18) Field Trip: The Dance Centre

                      Guest instructors: Jyla Davis and tanner Plecas

May              FINAL SHOW: Tuesday, May 28 @ 7pm (New date!)

June             Urban Dance Photoshoots



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Dance Academy News ~ Nov / Dec

Hello Dance Academy parents and students!

I can’t believe it’s already Christmas break! Below are some of the major activities we have accomplished over the past few months. See News and Events for more detail.


  • Remembrance Day choreography & performance
  • Website Portfolios: Students are continuing to add to their portfolios with photos, videos and reflections.
  • Salsa Unit: Taught by professional and award winning Salsa dancer, Jessica Caldera!


  • Solo/small group project and presentation
  • Field Trip to the pool for water ballet
  • Holiday fun week: Air band lip syncs and treats!




In November, dancers began working on a performance for the Remembrance Day Assembly at Delta Secondary School. The piece was choreographed by Melissa Pribula and Jessica Caldera, and set to the song “Silent Night” by Sinead O’Connor. We filmed the performance during our dance academy block on November 8, and it was then played during the assembly on November 9. This was an extremely moving and solemn piece, and the dancers did a phenomenal job in portraying that. Please check out the video on our website!


After much anticipation, and a few hurdles, our bodysuits finally arrived! These are custom made bodysuits from Eleve Dancewear. They are part of students costume fee for the year, and theirs to keep! We do ask that students take extra care if using the bodysuits this year, as we will wear them in our final show. They should always be washed on gentle and hung to dry.


Image result for jessica caldera salsa

We are so lucky to have a world champion salsa dancer as one of our in-house Dance Academy Instructors! In November, Jessica Caldera led students in a mini ballroom unit with a strong focus on salsa. Students learned some basic steps and technique, and then started working on a jazz-salsa fusion combo that will eventually be performed in our final show!


Towards the end of December, dancers were assigned a solo/small group performance. They were asked to choreography an original routine, selecting a genre, music and costume of their choice. All students worked extremely hard in creating their choreography and perfecting their routines. We held dress rehearsals on Wednesday, December 12 and the final performances on Friday, December 14. These performances were amazing to watch. We have such a unique variety of style and talent in our group this year! A compilation of the dances can be seen on our instagram, facebook and twitter accounts.


All dancers should now have their websites up and running. These digital portfolios are meant to be a place for dancers to track their progress, and reflect on their experiences throughout the year.   After each performance or field trip, students are asked to add a reflection (specific criteria has been handed out). They should also have a dancer profile (biography about themselves) and their headshots. Please ask your students to have a look at their websites!


January 2:   Field Trip to Circus Lab in Langley (students will arrive home later than normal this day – more info to come early January)

January – February:  Visits local elementary schools and lead dance workshops

January – February:  Sadly, we will be saying good-bye to some of our international students

February 28:    Field Trip to Ballet BC Rehearsal at Queen Elizabeth Theatre

May 14:      Final Dance Academy Show in the evening!



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Dance Academy ~ Fall 2018

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The first month of dance academy has flown by already!  The focus for September was getting to know each other, and exploration of our abilities and passions in dance. Below are some of the major activities we accomplished, or are working on, for September and October:


  • Website Portfolios: All students created an online website/portfolio where they will keep track of their experiences throughout the year
  • Technique lessons in ballet and jazz / Combinations in lyrical and hip-hop
  • “Thriller “Flash Mob choreography
  • Head shots: All students had both studio and natural light head shots taken and will receive digital copies in the next month.


  • Rehearsals for Halloween “Thriller” Flash Mob
  • Field Trip to Cirque Du Soleil – Sunday, October 13 (see more information below)
  • Starting choreography on our Remembrance Day Performance
  • Technique and combos



Dance Academy students are performing a Thriller flash mob at Tsawwassen Mills Mall over Halloween on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, October 23 @ 1pm (rehearsal only)
  • Thursday, October 25 @ 1pm
  • Wednesday, October 31 @ 1pm
  • *DSS students will also perform in the DSS cafeteria on October 31 at 12pm*


CorteoSunday, October 13 @ 1:00 pm at the Pacific Coliseum.   Cirque Du Soleil Info

Dance Academy students are beyond excited to be attending “Corteo” next week!  Thank you to parents who have volunteered to drive students and attend the show with us.  Please see the email for more information on transportation to and from the event.



Thanks to all parents and home-stay parents for your continued support of Dance Academy students this year.

Remembrance Day, 2016

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Congratulations to DA students who performed in the Delta Secondary School Remembrance Day Ceremony. We are very proud of their stunning lyrical performance to “I Will Remember You” by Sarah Mclachlan. Choreographed by Melissa Pribula, it was a perfect reflection of the importance of the day and its theme of remembrance, hope, respect and understanding. To see the video, please visit the “Media” tab and then look under the heading “Videos”.


Dance Academy ~ Winter Upate

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It is hard to believe Winter Break is around the corner and the Dance Academy has already completed a very successful, dance-filled Term One.

Dancers have spent the last two and a half months completing a variety of curriculum related lessons, instruction and assignments. Dancers attended a field trip at the Circus Lab where they tried out silks, tumbling, trampoline and trapeze moves. Dancers have participated in conditioning workshops as well as a Floor Barre lesson with Madoka Sato.They have worked with each of our regular dance instructors in a variety of genres: ballet, hip hop, salsa, contemporary, lyrical, jazz and Bollywood. They’ve met new peers, grown their confidence and taken class in both a Theatre and a studio setting. This year’s students are a lovely group of young dancers who are sure to grow within this unique program.

Dancers were divided into two groups at the beginning of October, each with its own set of learning outcomes and individualized instruction. While the formal names for these cohorts are Foundations and Performance, dancers are close to choosing a nickname for their groups: the most recent front runners are Fuego and Vida, respectively – Spanish words for “fire” and “life”.

Dancers also recently received their Academy jackets and all seem to be enjoying the colour and comfort of them!

We are very proud of the Performance group’s professional and stunning lyrical performance in DSSs’ Remembrance Day Assembly on November 10 to “I Will Remember You” by Sarah Mclachlan. Choreographed by Melissa Pribula, it was a perfect reflection of the importance of the day and its theme of remembrance, hope, respect and understanding. To see the video, please visit our webpage, under the “Media” tab and then under “Videos”.

As we look towards Term Two, it is important for parents and guardians to save the date for the Dance Academy Spring Show. Each student will be entitled to 4 free tickets for their parents/guardians and guests. We hope that you will also bring many family and friends.

Dance Academy Spring (Term Two) Show

March 2, 2016 , 7:30pm

Genesis Theatre, Delta Secondary School

Students have already started working on choreography in a variety of genres. Here is the list below of the choreographers assigned to each genre. It sure is to be a unique, exciting show!

Foundations Choreo Projects

Contemporary Ballet with Tanner

Hip Hop with Jessica

Jazz with Melissa


Performance Choreo Projects

Ballet with Melissa

Salsa with Jessica

Hip Hop with Jyla


And both groups in….

Large Group Bollywood/Jazz Fusion –Tanner Plecas, Jyla Davis and Melissa Pribula


I hope the holiday season finds you well. Enjoy your time with family and friends over the Winter Break.



Rebecca Salton

Dance Academy

Delta Secondary School