The Delta Dance Academy

As stated in our Bold Vision, the Delta School District strives “to be a leading district in innovative teaching and learner success.”

We believe our Academy Programs are testament to our goal of engaging learners through stimulating, relevant and inspiring educational experiences. Each of our unique academies creates an environment where our students feel great pride and, in turn, great success. Our passionate teachers and outstanding professional coaches work hard at building positive, trusting, and encouraging relationships with our learners.

The Delta Dance Academy at Delta Secondary is an example of Delta’s commitment to offering choice programs that enable learners to engage in their passion during the school day.  Coordinated by DSS Teacher, Jessica McMillan, this academy offers students the opportunity to work with local professional dance instructors, who may include Melissa Pribula and Tanner Plecas. Students will be exposed to multiple forms of dance, developing their technical skills in both choreography and performance. Jazz and ballet training is recommended but not essential. (2 block program) .

Please see the menu at the top of the page for information on Dance Academy Applications, Instructors, Program Information, Calendar, Newsletter, Photos, etc.

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